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Tour the Pensacola Lighthouse

Posted on June 9, 2015


Even if you already own Pensacola real estate and have lived here for many years, we imagine you may not have been out to tour the Pensacola Lighthouse. We can tell you, however, that it is definitely worth the trip!

Located at Pensacola NAS, the Pensacola Lighthouse is just a short drive from downtown Pensacola homes, as well as more residential areas making it easy to visit and spend a hours. The keepers of the lighthouse currently offer many tours during the summer season, including one of a very special variety – ghost tours!

Tours available include those during the day, such as the Blue Angels practice tour where you can watch as our famed Naval pilots practice their incredible show. But, there are also very impressive tours available in the evening hours such as the Toast at the Top, a romantic climb for couples featuring music, non-alcoholic beverages and a great sunset view.

You can also climb the tower at night as you hear the ghostly tales from keepers past and even hunt ghosts! If you think that’s a little silly, just know that the Lighthouse has been named “one of the most haunted” in America by the Travel Channel and has been investigated by the Syfy Channel! No matter when you choose to tour, we hope you explore and enjoy this local attraction this summer.

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