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Top 5 Pensacola Restaurants

Posted on January 13, 2016

RestaurantSo, you’ve just purchased real estate in Pensacola. Congrats! Now that you’re all moved in, and totally over pizza delivery, it’s time to start exploring your new city. Let’s start with all the good eats in town – and there are many!

We could literally go on and on about the various restaurants in Pensacola. Between downtown and Pensacola Beach, you will never go hungry here. But, we decided to narrow the field to the top five. It was very difficult, but here we go.

#5: Five Sisters Blues Cafe РOffering classic southern creations, this is the place to acquaint yourself with area favorites such as fried chicken, fried okra and fried green tomatoes. Yes, everything is better fried. The nightly jazz band is an added bonus.

#4:¬†The Great Southern Restaurants – We’re cheating here. The Great Southern Restaurants are actually three restaurants: Atlas Oyster House, Jackson’s Steakhouse and The Fish House. Their names say it all and you won’t be disappointed, no matter which one you choose!

#3: Pot Roast & Pinot – The Tripadvisor reviews say it all, a “gem of a place with a twist.” Step inside to find a sleek interior, food made from scratch and an incredible wine selection. For added fun, have a seat at the bar to watch your food prepared.

#2:¬†Joe Patti’s Seafood – While their is only a small area to sit down to eat, this lands on our list for being the best fresh seafood market in town, hands down. Even if you¬†order your seafood and take it home to eat, you will still consider this one of your best meals. But, whatever you do, don’t forget to order beignets.

#1:¬†McGuire’s Irish Pub & Brewery – Delicious food, beer brewed in-house and years of tradition literally stapled to the wall, this is the impression you will leave with after a visit to McGuire’s. Head on over, order an Irish Red and an order of reuben eggrolls – a personal favorite – and don’t forget to leave a dollar bill on the wall (or kiss the moose!).

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