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Sinking of the LuLu

Posted on June 5, 2013

Sinking of LuLu 

Traveling through the Intracoastal Waterway as the sun ascents over the horizon is only the beginning of the end to this journey.  Reaching its coordinates, 17 nautical miles south of Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, AL, the countdown has begun for the sinking of the 271-foot freighter, LuLu.

Built in the Netherlands in 1972, LuLu, formally called Yokamu, had been retired in Miami, FL and was up for sale.  LuLu caught the attention of David Walter of Reef Makers in Orange Beach ,AL and was shortly after purchased and towed to his business, resting in the Intracoastal Waterway.  

Knowing the estimated cost of $500,000 to sink the ship as an artificial reef, the Alabama Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce then formed a committee, the Gulf Coast Reef and Restoration Foundation, to raise the money.  The committee raised $650,000 of which $250,000 was donated by Mac McAleer of LuLu’s, granting him the honor of renaming the ship.

After months of raising donations, sponsorships and planning, the time had arrived.  The event kicked off with a Friday afternoon celebration at LuLu’s at Homeport Marina in Orange Beach and carried through the weekend.  On Sunday, May 26th the ship was towed out into the Gulf of Mexico, by a barge hosting a live band, and at last LuLu had reached her destination.  With only a few last minute finalizations, the LuLu began taking on water and was set to rest on the ocean floor.

As time passes, LuLu will become home to various types of fish and marine species providing growth to all marine life and habitats.  This ship will also prove as a new recreational scuba diving destination attracting more visitors to our spectacular gulf coast.  The diving opportunities for Northwest Florida and Alabama are continuously growing and catching the attention of many.  The LuLu was the first large, fully intact ship to be intentionally sunk in the Alabama gulf coast however, we are sure that LuLu won’t be the last!

 Lu Lu [loo-loo]


Slang. any remarkable or outstanding person or thing

(+29° 59′ 50″ / -87° 33′ 00″)

LuLu Sponsors

Pointe South is a proud sponsor of the Alabama Gulf Coast Reef & Restoration Foundation’s “Sinking of the LuLu.”

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