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Realtors: How Creative Is Your Approach?

Posted on April 14, 2017

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As a dedicated realtor in Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama, you continuously evaluate your marketing strategy and approach. Making sure you reach clients and maximize exposure is all part of the job. But just how creative are you? Do you stick to cold calls and networking functions? Are ISAs your main source of leads?

If either of those rings true, consider the approach of Miami realtor Nick Quay, who is literally in over his head. Inman Real Estate News recently featured Quay for his unique approach to gathering leads: “dock knocking.”

Quay is a paddle-boarder who successfully branded himself in the Miami neighborhoods he wants to represent by paddle boarding right up to the docks. With year-round warm weather and community functions, Quay (and his dog) quickly became familiar faces and built a rapport with locals.

Of course, travel by bay isn’t Quay’s only unique approach. He also makes clients’ dinner reservations, picks them up from the airport, babysits, and as a former chef, even cooks for them. In an interview with, Quay notes, “[I] go those extra miles before being asked and also upon request.”

And if you think he’s over the top—well, of course he is, which is why he sets over the top goals: $20 million in sales this year.

Here in Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama, our demographic varies from that of Miami, but we share several geographical and lifestyle similarities. These avenues (or should we say waterways) allow for a more creative approach. Not only can you amp up your visibility with local buyers and sellers, but as tourist season extends into the shoulder months, you have the opportunity to reach clients at every beach, restaurant, bookstore, and dog park, 365 days a year.

So what’s your niche? Where do you find yourself on your day off (insert raucous laughter here)? Are you at the gym? A concert? The movie theater? How are you marketing yourself even during “off hours?” Are you building relationships by branding yourself as resource?

However far you decide to take your creativity, the transaction sides will follow. When you’re ready to join a team that maximizes creative approaches to real estate, call Southern Real Estate Sales.

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