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Real Estate in Bloom

Posted on April 30, 2019

SPRING FLING is happening and the Panhandle is in BLOOM!

With miles of sugar white sand beaches and emerald green waters, the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama are popular destinations for vacations, investing and permanent residence.

Before you jump in and start looking at properties, ask yourself a few questions to prepare this exciting phase. It’s a big decision and our real estate team can help.

1. Rank what’s important to you.

We have condos, single family homes, apartments, duplexes and lots of options, but only you can answer what makes sense for you.

2. What’s it all going to cost?

With a little planning and talking with a lender, we can answer this question, configure a budget, itemize down payment, calculate the expenses and suggest options. Working with an expert who knows, will eliminate a lot of stress and that is exactly why our team is here to assist. Even if you have just started browsing or thinking of the purchase in the future, planning and working together is paramount. For both the agent and you.

Additionally, a lender can also share with you different types of loans available, help work on credit to buy your dream home and advise your real estate agent programs that support you! Your loan officer and agent will work to help you prepare and when the time is right, pre-approve your loan so when you start to look at homes with your agent and see the perfect home, you are ready. No stress! You are ready to make an offer. And as your real estate team continues to communicate through the process, all are prepared and this is where your real estate agent is most valuable to you. To help guide, research homes and different properties and how long they have been on the market. As your agent, we negotiate the very best for you, prepare the offer and negotiate the deal so you walk away with keys in hand excited on the best deal and the future memories you will make!

Pensacola and surrounding area market to include Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama has properties for investing, second home purchase, relocating, and retirement and all on the prettiest beaches with plenty of activities, entertainment, lower cost of living and inviting weather.

At Southern, we can answer your questions with confidence, with knowledge and start your property search today of all budgets. Buying and Selling a property can be overwhelming, but not with us. YOU are our TOP PRIORITY. Feel free to contact us.

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