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Pensacola-Perdido Key, Florida sees new GROWTH!

Posted on December 30, 2017

Since Don Carlos Siguenza first found the 16-mile long island in 1693 by accident when his ship blew off course, which bore the name “Perdido Key” which is Spanish for “Lost Island”. Today, much of the island and Pensacola in general is remarkably similar to then.  Nature has helped shape and reshape the barrier island which extends 16 miles between the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway.  Tucked beautifully between Florida and Alabama, Perdido Key escaped the explosion of beach development and was left to appreciative locals who enjoyed the remoteness…as well as the fishing, swimming and sugar-sand white beaches.

But as Florida became more and more developed – especially after the US Navy sold off portions of the now Lost Key Golf & Beach Club in early 1950’s for as little as $3000. an acre, Federal and State agencies bought much of the land and now more than 60 percent of Perdido Key is off limits to development.

With large agreement between the county and federal government, they are allowed to issue permits for development of a limited number of acres on Perdido Key in 5 year intervals.  Escambia County leaders have worked for years to overcome hurdles to develop on the barrier island and are happy with the recent growth.  “There is quite a bit of construction out there now and that’s a good thing,” said Escambia County Commission Chairman Doug Underhill, who applauded developers for working with the county and following the strict guidelines outlined in the Perdido Key Habitat Conservation Plan. 

“The developers are doing good work out there and the plan is working the way it was intended to work,” he said. Tim Day, Escambia County’s environmental director, pointed to the Lost Key Resort townhome development as one example of the permitting process working as it was intended to work.  The gated community, which is under construction on the key, includes a golf course, club, pool, and fitness center.  Another project planned on the key is the Meridian, a 41-unit upscale condominium tower.  The 64-unit Vista Del Mar development opened this summer.

Since 2015, Day said 57 permits have been issued under the county’s habitat conservation plan.  The permits account for six of the 11 acres available under the five-year allotment of development permits on the key.  Additional permits for new acreage will be available in November of 2019, he said.

Although a strict permitting process is in place, it protects the beach mouse as well as threatened sea turtles and shore birds.  Monetary requirements fund to protect these species as well as the steady growth of the area.

Southern Real Estate Sales has been serving the area since 1995 and understands the sanctity of the area and how special a place Perdido Key is in addition to Pensacola with the uniqueness of downtown Pensacola, home of the US Navy Blue Angels, it’s closeness to Alabama, Pensacola Beach Pier, amazing fishing, and the most beautiful sugar sand beaches.  Our agents sell both Florida and Alabama real estate and will enjoy showing you the area.  Don’t just take my word for it, let us know when you are coming to stay for a day or stay for a lifetime!

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