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Pensacola Named Rising Star by TripAdvisor

Posted on August 28, 2015

You PB-Paradise-IIknow that feeling you get when you’re a big fan of something before it takes off and gets really popular? That’s kind of how we feel about owning real estate in Pensacola Beach. Apparently, TripAdvisor’s FlipKey feels the same way.

The popular vacation rental booking engine shared a list of vacation rental destinations that are about to launch into the “stratosphere.” The data, based on web traffic in 2014 – 2015, highlights the places with 500% growth. And the good news is, Pensacola Beach is one of them.

With 700% growth, Pensacola Beach has edged out tens of thousands¬†competing areas, simply because vacationing in Pensacola Beach is awesome. Take it from us (we live here) when we say that the activities are endless. From boating and fishing to dining and shopping, you can’t go wrong with a stay in this b-e-a-utiful area! Did you notice we didn’t even have to mention how incredibly gorgeous the water is and soft the sand is?

Ready to stay along our emerald shores? Southern Vacation Rentals can help you find the perfect little beach house of your dreams to stay¬†and play for the week. If you want to make your trip last longer than a week, give our agents a call. They’ll be happy to find you a beach home or condo for sale in Pensacola Beach!

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