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Pensacola Listing’s Agents vs. Seller’s Agent

Posted on June 4, 2014

iStock_000020499093Medium-347x459If you have ever looked to a Pensacola real estate agent, to assist you in your endeavors be it for buying or selling, you have probably come across the varying types of REALTORS®. For those of you who have not, the idea of seller’s agents and listing’s agents can be a little overwhelming.

Simply put, an agent who represents the homeowner is referred to as the listing’s agent, whereas the one who represents the homebuyer is known as the seller’s agent. A listing’s agent’s duties revolve around selling your home. Typically, they will assist in everything from property valuation and pricing to networking and negotiation. On the other hand, a seller’s agent will help you find properties and further determine which one is best for you.

While it sounds basic enough, the line can become a bit unclear. In addition to these single agent transactions, Florida Real Estate Law permits agents to work on behalf of both buyers and sellers. This allows agents to divide their time between the two groups.

Our agents at Pointe South offer experience in all realms of the industry. Whether you are looking to buy, or sell our professionals will be happy to assist.

If you would like to join the team to help further represent clients along the Gulf Coast, contact Owner/Broker Susan Carleton. We have available real estate jobs at all five of our office locations.

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