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Participate in Southern Vacation Rentals’ Video Contest – and win!

Posted on March 17, 2017

We hope you are as excited as we are for the video contest that Southern Vacation Rentals has launched. With the kick-off of the spring season, and spring break, they want to give you the opportunity to capture sweet Southern moments.

Regardless of your location, activity, event or group – they want to see it all. Professional videography experience is not required. All levels of skill are encouraged and appreciated by Southern Vacation Rentals. So, enjoy the spring weather, grab your camera, and film your moments!

If you fear creativity will fail you for this contest, we have compiled a list of possible moments you could film for this contest. For instance:

– You’re in the car, travelling to the next destination, bored out of your mind. Grab some        footage as the whole car burst into song, or even as everyone snoozes – with loud    snores and mouths wide open.

– Is an exhilarating adventure in your plans this spring? Take some footage of you and  your group as you hike trails or experience a new water sport.

– If the beach is on your radar this spring and spring break, take time to capture your  moments there. Grab your cell phone and record while your kids splash in the water or  build sandcastles. If you’re into paddle boarding or surfing, have someone take amazing  shots of you doing what you love!

– As you hang out at your Pensacola Beach home, or visit a local event during spring be  sure to capture those quiet moments too. Create a video, showcasing your genuine  moments while you play baseball in the yard or lounge around the pool.

Of course, keep it authentic and stick with what is true to you. We cannot wait to see all of the sweet Southern moments you will submit to Southern Vacation Rentals. Take some time to read through the contest rules and regulations for more information.

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