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Home Renovation Tips to Save You Time & Money!

Posted on June 25, 2014

repairsPeople choose to renovate their homes for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners are handy and renovate as a hobby, others are simply ready for a change and then there are the ones who do it to increase the value of their Pensacola Beach home for sale.

Whatever your reason to renovate may be, you should know that there is a fine line between a smart repair and one that could turn into wasted dollars.

First, functionality will usually trump style. Both prospective buyers and tenants alike are more inclined to choose a home that is energy efficient over one that has been decked out in ultra-modern finishes.

Once you understand that principle, it is time to start the remodel process. Typically a home’s kitchen and bathrooms are the hot ticket items that can make or break a sale, so it is important to set the tone early with quality repairs.

If a complete overhaul is out of the question, look to simpler things. You would be surprised to find what a fresh coat of paint and a well-kept lawn can do for your home.

Are you ready to sell your investment real estate in Perdido Key, Orange Beach or the surrounding areas? If so, our agents will be happy to walk you through the process of what sells and what sits.

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