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Founded in 1908 by just 500 residents, Fairhope is a small, but quaint town that offers a rich history full of abundance and charm. Situated on breathtaking parks and piers along the coast, the area is known to many as the ‘Jewel of the Eastern Shore.’

Called home by artists, craftsmen and writers alike, it is only natural that Fairhope celebrates its unique culture by providing annual events and festivals to captivate the heart and history of the area. Fairhope’s historic downtown is located just off of Mobile Bay and offers a variety of annual events that attract residents and visitors from across the country. This includes the popular Arts and Crafts Festival, Polo Classic, Festival of Flowers and the unique jubilee where flounder, crab and shrimp swarm the shore making them easy to catch, eat and enjoy.

Take advantage of Fairhope’s unique and distinct charm and explore the area’s real estate opportunities. Whether you are in pursuit of a first home, investment or commercial property, our licensed real estate agents in Alabama will be happy to help you find a place that is right for you.

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