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Easy Home Improvements that boost home values

Posted on February 12, 2018

It is common knowledge that a great number of homes sell during the SPRING buying season, for that reason many home owners will be making that decision now and wanting to bump their value with some easy home improvements. But, where do you begin and what improvements really boost the return on your investment into your pocket? Well, here you go.

Some easy ways to boost the value of homes by 12% or more according to is to invest in a few pre-listing repairs. For example, based on a median home price at $205,000. the potential gain is $24,500. Now, that seems worth your time and attention.

Not that we are all listening, let’s see what all this entails in order to gain the most return on investment that you desire.
Some of the fixes that are ranked as most important are also encouraged by our expert Southern Real Estate Sales Agents. Our agents share their expert advise and this is why we schedule listing appointments at your home. Our Agents will advise you with specific details to help your selling process in order to expedite the sale of property.

#1 DECLUTTER will be at the top of the list. The cost is 0 if you do it and have the entire family chip in. This activity alone will produce a 3-5% return and it is a must do! When potential buyers preview your home that you are SELLING, they truly want to be able to see themselves living there. You have to allow them to visualize themselves there. You can help achieve that by storing some of the family pics and personal items that you cherish in Tupperware. This also helps you start the process of moving. Two birds with one stone as they say!

#2 KITCHEN is King! The kitchen was rated as the most important to have in top shape before selling. Focus on the minor repairs that center on the kitchens function should be first. Fix leaky faucets, loose light fixtures and counter top cleanliness. Not only washed up, but putting away the large kitchen

appliances that hide all the counter space. Put those away or store those in a Tupperware in the garage. Then, enhancements are next. Painting walls, updating cabinet hardware and adding new curtains or light fixtures and an organized pantry shows care and all the space that is available.

#3 BATHROOM freshness is next! This 2-3% return is simple and an easy improvement with fresh caulking of the shower and tub and floor seams. Updating fixtures and fresh paint will brighten the space. Updating the mirror and lighting can also give a bigger return.

#4 PAINT makes a big impact as the buyer thinks of it as one less step that they would have to do and it shows good overall maintenance of the home. Interior painting is an important part of bringing about a sale of the home. But, as the seller, you likely don’t need to paint the entire home – a refresh of the main rooms curbs big costs in painting the entire interior. Three prime rooms are the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Be sure to select a neutral tones. Paint with whites or off-whites, grays or beiges as studies show that this helps the buyer focus on the home’s features. Bright colors tend to distract buyers and prompt in immediate cost to them to update.

#5 Lastly, CURB APPEAL and the WELCOMING feeling. With a 2-5% return, concentrate on basic maintenance with lawn care, trimming of shrubs and adding fresh mulch. A good way to see the home with different eyes, is to go stand across the street and look at the home from your neighbors perspective. This always shows you things that you may not have seen before and see if the change is cost effective to you. Additionally, a good pressure washing will instantly brighten your home and increase the “welcome home” feeling. A new mat at the front door with a fresh flower invites your new guests or buyers and this has the lasting effect on them as they are more then likely looking at several homes in one day. Be the stand out – in a good way! This helps you go from FOR SALE to UNDER CONTRACT to CLOSED! If you are thinking of selling, Southern Real Estate Sales would love to help you get it done.

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