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Considering Selling Your Own Home?

Posted on June 12, 2013


We all know the process of putting our house on the market for sale.  It’s easy, just buy a sign for the front yard and start advertising.  Well sometimes it is just not that easy.  Our day to day lives interfere with the time that we should be dedicating to marketing and maintaining our home.  And is the local market in our favor?

With an infinite amount of information on the internet and social media, we understand the temptation of giving it a try; however the National Association of Realtors reports that homes For Sale By Owner only made up 9% of home sales in 2012.  The most common marketing methods for these homes were putting up a yard sign followed by listing the home on the internet.   Realtors not only have their professional and referral network connections but they utilize the new technology along with the old.  And most importantly, your home is their priority.  Realtors dedicate their time to ensuring that your home has the largest reach of potential buyers.

After the decision has been made by owners to sale their own home, the next two concerns are the value of their home and the paperwork.  Realtors provide Comparable Market Analysis, based off current listings and sales in your area, to ensure an accurate value.  They also can offer you some simple staging tips and guide you in the right decision if you are pondering repairs or upgrades prior to putting your home on the market.

Mentioning repairs, these and other requests will be negotiated at the time of an offer.  Making changes to your home may not necessarily be in your favor so wait to see what type of interest you receive and what your potential buyers are looking for.  Your Realtor will inform you of common and acceptable requests of a buyer and review every aspect of a contract with you.  Every location and every home is different so the contracts and required document vary just the same.  Having a professional on your side will make this process smooth and timely.


Let an expert provide you the facts.  Your Realtor will offer you valuable information that will save you not only time, but give you the comfort of knowing you have made good decisions for your family and your investment.  With Realtors licensed in both Florida and Alabama, know our door is always open to discuss property values, the current market and any questions you may have about listing your home or investment property for sale!

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