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Andy Ross Sets Gulf Coast Lionfish Record

Posted on April 16, 2016

gulfcoastlionfishcoalition_logoThe annual Gulf Coast Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day is quickly approaching, and with that we could not be more proud to sponsor such an event. This year, we have even more reason to celebrate as Perdido Key real estate agent, tournament host and fishing captain, Andy Ross found himself with a record-breaking catch. Just last week, Andy caught a seventeen foot long lionfish off the shores of Pensacola Beach.

Andy is a captain with Nihui Dive Charters has been an active member of the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition for years. The fish was caught just in time for the group’s festivities, helping to hype the upcoming events and festival. With the festival, the Lionfish Coalition aims to educate the public on how to control the influx of the invasive species and further protect the Gulf Coast fishing industry.

On Friday, the Coalition will host a lionfish tasting at West Marine on Davis Highway in Pensacola. (Yes, you can eat these invasive boogers, and yes, they are delicious!) May 14 and 15 are considered the main event days, where the Coalition gathers with food and entertainment at the Plaza de Luna in Pensacola. Be there from 10:00 – 5:00 pm for a full day of fun, education and support. We will most definitely be there!


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