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America’s First Settlement Found in Pensacola!

Posted on December 18, 2015

UWF-DeLuna-1Property values in Pensacola may have just risen in the East Pensacola Heights neighborhood. Trending in today’s news is the fact that University of West Florida archaeologists discovered the site of the de Luna settlement.

The location of de Luna settlement has been a mystery for centuries – since 1559 to be exact. That is when the first multi-year European settlement was established somewhere in the Southeast. Well, it is a mystery no longer.

Archaeologists from the University of West Florida in Pensacola, “discovered and can support the statement that the land settlement of site Tristan de Luna has been located within the city limits of Pensacola, Florida.” That is according to University President, Dr. Judy Bense.

The unearthing began in early October when Pensacola native, Tom Garner uncovered Spanish colonial and Native American artifacts at a privately owned residential lot in Pensacola. Since then, and with the cooperation of residents and property owners, UWF began to text excavations at the site and recovered remaining artifacts. The team will continue to examine the neighborhood to determine the extent and organization of the site.

We should know more within the next few weeks what all these archaeologists dig up! For more details on America’s first settlement and the excavation in Pensacola, visit

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