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A Final Home Inspection Walk Through is a Must!

Posted on June 28, 2013

Hallway Walk Through

A final home inspection walk through is the last step to purchasing your new home before going to the closing table.  The purpose of this walk through is to ensure that the property is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it.  Pointe South wants all of our buyers to be completely satisfied with their new home so we recommend making this a priority and setting the time aside, even in the rush and excitement of moving.

Prior to the final walk through a professional inspection should have been completed.  Once an inspection is complete, a report will be provided to the buyers with the inspectors recommendations.  At this time, all questions and request for repairs should be deliberated and resolved in a suitable time frame. There is no need to postpone repairs as they can interfere with the closing date.   A list of requested repairs should be brought to the final home inspection walk through to ensure the repairs were done.  This will allow the buyers to preview the home in move in condition.   Addressing all questions in advance will make closing day stress-free and anticipated by everyone.  

There are times that last minute concerns or devastating problems will arise.   These circumstances are rare but are why a final home inspection is recommended whether the home is still full of stuff or has been vacant. Other than a devastating problem, last minute concerns will be immediately handled and closing will continue as scheduled.  If the home has been vacant, a very thorough walk through is needed to double check that all utilities and appliances work.  Natural elements, dormancy, and weather can cause deterioration in even the best built homes.  If the home has been occupied, it is equally important to conduct the walk through even though most buyers assume that all is working properly.  The ideal time for the final walk through is 24 hours before closing but in the event that the sellers are moving out last minute, a final walk through should be done just before closing. 

Your new property will either be the home you live in for years to come or an investment that you will want to hold value for years to come.  Pointe South is here to represent your best interest and as your gulf coast realtor, a final home inspection walk through is a must!


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