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Hello Autumn !

Posted on September 21, 2018


The days are getting shorter. Summer is quickly coming to a close and fall and winter will be here soon, yes even in Florida. It is a good time of year to do a pulse check on your home from the inside out. Here are some quick fall cleaning tips to get you ready for the upcoming seasons:





1. Inspect all external doors including garage doors. Make sure they close tightly. Install weather-stripping or door thresholds if needed.
2. Wash Exterior & Interior Windows.
3. Check and Clean Gutters and downspouts. Make sure all drainage area are unblocked of debris.
4. Perform a maintenance check-up on your Heating and Air Conditioning system. Filters should be changed monthly. Dirty Filters can strain your HVAC system and possibly your pocketbook.
5. Lower humidity and cooler temperatures make it the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home.





1. Focus on your main living areas like your family room, kitchen, entry way, guest bath. These are considered the high traffic areas needing your attention first. Work on one room at a time.
2. Start from the top to bottom in each room. Clean door frames, window sills, ceiling fan blades, cabinet tops, etc. Vacuum drapes, window treatments and upholstered furniture. Move furniture and vacuum beneath and behind it. Don’t forget to also vacuum al baseboards an corners.
3. Have your carpets/area rugs professionally cleaned.
4. Turn mattresses over front to back and clean all bedding including: mattress pads, pillow duvets, blankets and comforters.
5. Get your kitchen ready for the holidays. Organize cabinets and pantry. Clear your counters of any appliances you do not use on a daily basis. Wipe down the cabinets and clean the refrigerator inside and out. Don’t forget to vacuum behind it.

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